What makeup products do you swear by?
2013-08-10 19:30:00 UTC
I need to buy some good ones
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2013-08-11 03:16:07 UTC
Here's a few makeup products I swear by :)

Estee Lauder double wear foundation in cool bone - love the colour, the full coverage and longevity of this foundation

Sleek blush in coral - love the colour

Mac Viva Glan Nicki 2 lipstick and lipgloss - love the vibrant lilac colour

Maybeline colour tattoo cream eyeshadows - love everything about them

Loreal waterproof eyeliners and mascaras - stay all day, very pigmented, good range of colours

Clarins duo bronzer - lovely colour. Lasts all day, great colour options

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer - lovely natural colour, lasts all day, can be used for both bronzing and contouring

Loreal lumi magiqye primer - dewy finish makes your makeup last all day
2013-08-11 09:00:04 UTC
I absolutely love Veil Cover Cream. It's a camouflage cream that can cover virtually anything from pigmentation problems to tattoos. I use it to cover my redness, blemishes and acne scars. It has the most amazing pigmenation I've ever come accross. I did a review on my blog with before and after pictures which you can read here if you like:

I'm also a big fan of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, particularly the shade On and On Bronze. It's a gorgeous bronze brown that I find perfect for everyday wear. It's great on it's own or as a base to prolong the wear of powder shadows and intensify their colour. I also did a review of this product over on my blog:

Another product I'm fond of is the HD Brows Palette. I have the shade Vamp which is for those with darker hair and I find it absolutely brilliant. The pigmentation is fab as is it's ability to last all day. Again, I did a blog post on this product:

If you're on a budget or just want a few bargains, I highly recommend MUA (Make Up Academy) considering the prices, they're quite impressive. I have a few posts on my blog that feature their products too:

Hope I could help!

2013-08-11 04:46:59 UTC
I am love with Bare Minerals. It's a perfect brand for creating light and natural looks. I am really into their foundation and bronzer I love using the bronzer "Warmth" to contour my face because it is a perfect matte color. As for their foundation I use the Original Matte Foundation. It gives you light coverage without looking "cakey." I also like to use their concealer. I have their brush but I think it gives me better coverage if I use the pad of my finger. I also am really into my Coralista blush by Benefit. This blush has a great peach color with pink undertones. I think it would look great on any skintone and it also works really well with the Bare Minereals bronzer. For eyes I use the Revlon Creme Eyeshadow Palate in "Not Just Nudes" which comes with four Creme eyeshadows in a cream color, matte chocolate brown, a champagne color and a dark brown with just the right amount of sparkle. I can do many different looks with this product without spending too much (I personally do not like to buy expensive eye makeup.) For mascara I like to use Maybelline brand. They have a bunch of different choices. I like the Rocket Volume. If you want extreme lashes I would say get the "They're Real" mascara from Benefit. I tried a sample of this product and it did miracles for my eyes!

So my products are:

Bare Minerals Correcting Concealer

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation

Bare Minerals Bronzer in "Warmth"

Benefit Blush in "Coralista"

Revlon Creme Eyeshadow Palatte in "Not Just Nudes"

Maybelline "Rocket Volume" Mascara

Benefit "They're Real" Mascara

Hope this helps! 😄😄😄
2013-08-11 03:32:04 UTC
My top 3 makeup items that I swear by are as followed:

*Fruit Pigmented Mascara by 100PercentPure - 100% natural mascara lengthens, separates, thickens and glosses lashes with black tea and berry pigments. Conditioning ProVitamin B5, Vitamin E, Oat and Wheat protein strengthens lashes. Gentle, all natural, good for you formula is suitable for everyone, even if you have sensitive eyes. Water and smudge resistant.

*Soft Eyeliner Pencil by EccoBella - Gently draws a smooth line to define your beautiful eyes, softly, without pulling or tugging. Made from vegetable waxes, no synthetic petroleum oils. Gluten-free. Preservative-free. Vegan. But I use it on my brows mostly.

*Complexion Corrector by Omorovicza - This silicone free Complexion Corrector gives luminosity and radiance to the dullest of complexions. A moisturizer, sunscreen and primer in one, it evens and brightens tone, covers imperfections, soothes irritated skin and reduces the appearance of age spots.

Zinc oxide, a physical sunscreen, protects the skin from UVA/B rays (SPF20), without breaking it out.
2013-08-11 02:36:22 UTC
i swear by concealers that's the ONE item i need to have. my fave is NARS Pure Radiant Creamy Concealer, Makeup Forever Full Coverage Concealer and Marc Jacobs concealer.

eyeshadow i ONLY use Urban Decay, they are literally second to none. their quality is amazing.

lips i use a variety of brands for gloss and lipstick.
2013-08-11 02:41:56 UTC
there's this mascara called "they're real" and it is insane! it's like $23 though, but I buy it on ebay from china for $5... so the writing on the box is all Chinese but it's the same product. anywho, it's not like normal mascara, I can't explain, but it like creates a coat around the lashes so instead of coming off in black stains, it comes of in like little... eyelash shaped clumps... it's bizarre!
2013-08-11 23:30:57 UTC
My gosh liquid foundation, my yves rocher 360 length mascara, my bourjois smokey eye pallet in purple, my naked pallett and my Clarins precious colours face pallet
Sur La Mer
2013-08-11 02:34:16 UTC
Many beauty & hair products now have LABEL INGREDIENTS and DISCLAIMERS, specially makeup, they are required to put labels so consumers are aware to watch for chemicals: DBP, TITANIUM, MERCURY, HYDROQUINONE, formaldehyde or Toluene solvent, that causes cancer or harm us. In other words, less is MORE.

Pencils & powder are your best choice, and makeup don't come cheap.

Women in the study with highest concentrations of these chemicals, called phthalates, in their bodies were more likely to have diabetes than women with lowest concentrations, the researchers said.

Phthalates are found in a variety of products, including nail polish, hair sprays, soaps and shampoos. The findings suggest that phthalates could disrupt blood sugar metabolism, said study researcher Tamarra James-Todd, of Brigham and Women's Hospital's Division of Women's Health.

Phthalates are present in certain medications and medical devices, and its possible women with diabetes have higher phthalate concentrations in their bodies due to the use of these medications or devices, James-Todd said.

James-Todd and colleagues analyzed information from 2,350 women ages 20 to 80 who took part in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 2001 and 2008. As part of the survey, participants underwent physical exams and provided urine samples.

Read more:…

Reporting Bad Reactions From Cosmetics

COSMETICS - UNAPPROVED no ingredient labels:

One color additive of particular concern is kohl. Also known as al-kahl, kajal, or surma, kohl is used in some parts of the world to enhance the appearance of the eyes, but is unapproved for cosmetic use in the United States. Kohl consists of salts of heavy metals, such as antimony and lead. It may be tempting to think that because kohl has been used traditionally as an eye cosmetic in some parts of the world, it must be safe. However, there have been reports linking the use of kohl to lead poisoning in children.*

Lead on Lipstick: According to a 2009 study conducted by the FDA, every one of 22 lipstick samples tested contained lead, ranging from 0.9 ppm to 3.06 ppm. Though the amounts are small, they can have a big impact on the long-term health of women who apply lipstick every day (and sometimes multiple times per day). The agency's weak regulations for cosmetics allow up to 20 ppm lead in cosmetic colorants, but that doesn't account for other potential sources. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetic has found that lead can be a contaminant of petroleum-based ingredients or of minerals, such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Lead and eight other metals are found in lipsticks and lip glosses commonly sold in the United States, some at levels that could raise potential health concerns, according to a new report.

Researchers measured levels of cadmium, chromium, titanium and other metals in 32 lip products purchased from drugstores and department stores in California.

They detected lead in 75 percent of the products, according to the report. Half of the samples contained lead at concentrations higher than the maximum allowed by the Food and Drug Administration in candy likely to be consumed by small children, the researchers said. 5-2-13

400 shades of lipstick contain lead. I've known this for awhile, I thought it was a prank, but on SHINE it was posted again. Google lead in lipstick. About 10,300,000 results. 2-16-12


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